Cartridge for Myron Moses rifle

The patent shows a cartridge, reloadable, that used a percussion cap for ignition. I have located a rifle and if I buy it I would like to find an original cartridge for it. Has anyone ever seen one of these? These were made here in NY in Malone. (on the St Lawrence R.) The rifle is # 35. Barrel is marked Remington on the bottom at the breech. I thought at first it might have used a case similar to the 1873 Maynard. But no nipple in the frame. Any help would be appreciated.

They are around, but rare.
Turned steel, marked “60” and measuring .374" inside the mouth & .464" before the taper to the mouth. From my collection & my only example. Think I’ve seen perhaps 3-4 for sale over the years.
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Thanks Pete. I think I will buy the rifle. It is very affordable. Then I can start searching for a cartridge. I may have a reproduction made if I can’t find an original. Thanks again.

Cool ! Then I can have a look at it!

I am going over to Bennington next Saturday to look at it again. With cash in pocket. Is the number marked on the ‘cartridge’ match the ser# of the gun I wonder?

I wondred about that too, but can’t say for sure. Sorry.

Yes, the headstamp number match the serial number of the gun.

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Thanks for confirming that. I suspected that the number on Pete’s cartridge was also the ser#. This was a very small shop and it was likely that each chamber/cartridge had to be matched to the rifle. There are apparently not many rifles made by Moses on the patented design. highest # I can find is mid 60’s. He made a number of muzzle loading target rifles also. This rifle is # 35 and one in the Adirondack Museum is # 68. # 37 is in the Grand Rapids( Michigan) Public Museum. supposed to be one in the Shelburne Museum in Vermont. Wisconsin Historical Society has one but # is unknown. The Wisconsin rifle has a barrel made by Allen and Thurber.

Interesting, number 37 is .35-30 caliber and cases are headstamped PATENT 37.

Picture of #37 shows it had to have used the Moses patent cartridge as it has a large gap between the standing breech face and the barrel chamber face. Perhaps it refers to a .35 bore using 30 gr. BP?