Cartridge Guides by Sporting Goods GMBH

Hello. I picked up 2 Cartridge Guide booklets at a local auction some years ago and am curious about them. Does anyone know how long this publication lasted, and how frequently they were released? I hope the images upload ok. This is the first time on the Forum for quite awhile for me. Thank you.

I have these same two books, which I have had for many, many
years, perhaps almost as long as from the printing dates. I am
inclined to think they are the only two. At least, I have never seen
another. It is obvious from the first page of the Volume I that it had
a previous printing, since that page says it is a reprint of the Edition
of 1969 and that all prices have been annulled.

Unfortunately, the numbering of the volumes could take two interpretations.
The first is that Volume I came out in 1969 and Volume II in 1971, and that
they are the only two volumes as of the date of publication of the 1971
version. I believe this is the correct interpretation, meaning that there were
only two volumes.

The second interpretation is that Volume II is Volume II of 1971, meaning
that there is a Volume I of 1971 also. From wording in various parts of the
opening of these volumes, I believe that is NOT a correct interpretation.

My edition II/71 has a “Foreward” on page I, and a Preface to the Second
Volume on page II (both of these “pages” are on the back of page III, which
is rather odd numbering). The Preface sounds to me like there were only
these two volumes, at least to the date Volume II was published.

I have no time to review these now (I have not used them for probably 15 years
or more), but as I recall, they were not bad for the level of information available
when published, but they had quite a number of errors in them. A review these
days, when the information on ammunition has probably increased 100-times
since the late 1960s/early 1970s, one could probably find more errors. I am not
including prices in that analysis, as these days, a year old price list is already
obsolete when it comes to assigning values, regrettably.

John Moss

Volume I appeared in 1969 and Volume II in 1971. As far as I know, there are no others. These were basically catalogues of what Manfred R. Rosenberger (who died a year or two ago) was willing to sell. This was at a time when military FMJ catridges were considered war materiel in Germany.
Rosenberger published a number of journal articles and a few books on ammunition, for example presenting hunting bullet designs. All in German.

Peelen - thank you. That confirms what I had thought on these books.

John Moss

Thank you John and JPeelen for your replies; very helpful. Thank you.