Cartridge Headstamp Guide


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Does anyone out there have a copy, 1963 edition only, of “Cartridge Headstamp Guide” written by H. P. White and B. D. Munhall? If so I need to ask one question of the owner of this guide.




I have both the original 1963 edition and the 1977 First Revision. Ask away.


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I have sent you a private e-mail concerning this subject matter. Have you received it yet?




In response to your question about White and Munhall’s Cartridge Headstamp Guide coverage of Western Cartridge Company’s headstamps, both the original 1963 edition and the 1977 First Revision have the same 12 headstamps:

77 Diamond symbol as used on rimfires
254 SUPER X. Large X under SUPER in box, on rimfires.
367 Two Chinese characters and 42, on contract 7.92 x 57
1076 HOFFMAN .275 MAGNUM, on Western cases for Hoffman Arms Co.
1864 W 40, on 7.62 Russian Nagant made for Finland in 1940
1877 WCC 42, on U.S. military ammunition
1878 WCC 42 38SPL, on U.S. military ammunition
1879 W.C.CO. 32 S&W, old style commercial headstamp
1884 WESTERN 45 AUTO, used by Western and its successor, Winchester
1885 WESTERN .350 G&H MAGNUM, by Western for Griffin & Howe
1886 WESTERN 1-17 (small characters), on 11mm Vivkers, British contract

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Many thanks; this information is greatly appreciated.



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Would anyone out there have j-peg images of the headstamps of any of the cartridges Mel has listed in this posting from the Western Cartridge Company? If you do, could you please post the images here for all to see? I am particularly interested in the U. S. Military designations. Also, Mel, can you answer a question for me. Are the numbers to the left of the various WCC cartridges listed catalog numbers? Call me confused!!

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They are just numbers assigned to the headstamps in the book (1963 edition). The revised book has different numbers.