Cartridge Headstamp ID please

Hello all, found this today whilst detecting in Dorset, England. Can anyone shed any light on its origins? Assuming it’s Arabic but can’t find any leads! Many thanks in advance. Apologies if I’ve missed something. Total beginner!

Welcome to this forum, Gardendorset. Arabic, that’s not impossible… let’s call in the experts. Can you give a side-view of the case too?

No problem. Thanks very much for the swift reply.

This is an Iranian 7.62x51 made in 1984-85.

Can you give the case length please? It seems to me it could be 51 mm.

Thank you so much EOD. Would love to know how it ended up in a field in Dorset. I’ll get looking into that. Thanks again.

Yep 51mm precisely!

As the exact hs is known to be around in Europe I assume one lot of these must have made it to the market here (or into hands of researchers). Likely back in the days when Iran was considered to be good.

Fascinating. I’ll be cataloguing all this for my collection. Excellent forum. Thank you.

I saw quite a few inert dummy rounds with this headstamp for sale in the UK in the mid 2000s decade.

I was told there was enough of it around that it was being used as cheap shooting ammo on ranges. While obviously made in Iran, I have no information on where it actually came from as surplus.



I have an Iranian-headstamped 8x57 case. Not sure how to attach a picture to this reply, though. If someone can tell me how I’ll post it.


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Thanks for the guidance! Here is the headstamp I spoke about:IRANIAN%20HEADSTAMP

This is Iran NRV Outdoorsman.


The “flag” and “9” at the right side seems to be year 39