Cartridge headstamp ID

So I live in Romania and a friend just showed me a degradated cartridge, half-broken, and i couldn’t identify the headstamps, maybe someone could help? I wrote the headstamps on the back because the cartridge was too rusty to actually make a good photo of it, if it’s not ok, i will delete the topic

Thanks in advance!

The screenshot link you provide does not do anything. I am afraid nobody can see your photo.

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Your added red markings show it to be a German 8x57 Mauser round, made in 1915.

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This is correct, but the lower letter d. cannot be correct…
If so, it should be a upper case letter D, and than it would be Dresden factory

Forensic, Limanu, Str.Gen.Vartejan

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yes, sorry, i fixed that

Thanks a lot, but what the 67 and 8 numbers resemble?

The case is made in August 1915 by the Königlich Sächsisch Arsenal, Dresden.
The case is made for “S” rounds and the material is made with 67% copper.

To my opinion there is no “dot” behind the “S” and there is a “dot” on the other side of the “D”



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I understood, the 8 stands for the month, thanks for the info :)

The red letter d is also the wrong Orientation, could it be a P for Polte? Or was this just entered upside down?

No, by Polte the „S67“ was pressed differently.


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