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I received a third hand request to ID this and it’s beyond me (which is easy). Thought it might be a rim fire or inside primed, but not like any I’ve seen - European, perhaps? Here is a copy/paste of the info I was given. Sorry the photos aren’t better.
Hi Bob the total length of the cartridge is 2.75. the dia. Of the bullet is .42 measurement taken where the bullet goes into the case . Case lenth is 2.57 case dia. Is.572 straight. It appears to have two rims looks like a slight concave prlmer .58 pushed into a .572 second rim Wich is the case . The case has a rust spot seems the case is thin on brass. Found this in my old collection thank you
Any help is appreciated,
BobIMG_20200408_190209987 IMG_20200408_190222414

I am questioning the measurements here, as if case is 2.57, there is no way over all length is 2.75. The bullet is longer than 0.2 of an inch. Can you re confirm the measurements please. As well if the rim is .58 the case diameter will not be 0.572 it will be much smaller or the rim much larger.

I don’t remember the name or caliber but there was one of these in Vic Engel’s last auction.

This is a .44 Cook reloadable rimfire cartridge. Based on US Patent 163154 of 1875.



This looks like some Maynard sample mod. 1867 with big copper cap. The cartridges with this priming system were made in cal. 40-40 Maynard and 64 Maynard shot. This one can be .55 cal. But I can be wrong.

Fede, you’re right! It’s really 44 Cook!

Amazing… thanks Fede. I see it now in my “Rimfire Cartridge” book by Barber. Would have never spotted it before.

checked it based on your reply, but it has sold and image, etc. is no longer posted - bummer.

Patent: 163154.pdf (107.2 KB)

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That is a problem when going thru many routes. Thanks.

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About the one in Engels I can’t say or on this example but be aware fakes or perhaps I should say incorrect examples of these exist.