Cartridge I.D

What is this lucky cartridge?

What cartridge??? I don’t see a cartridge.

Oh, now I see it. It looks like a 3"/50 Navy, or the Army equivilent.

I thought so too, once I realized there was a cartridge in the picture, but the case seems too tapered and the projectile too short and of the wrong shape and color for a Navy round…

Some sort of British tank or AT gun cartridge? 6pdr.?

Bonus points for anyone who can identify the girl in the picture

Hint - she is on American TV.


The case looks right to me. Hard to tell about the projectile. It could be one of the very early 3"/50 cartridges.

The case looks like my 3" 50, but mine has a dummy wooden projectile. I always viewed it as being an oversized .303 case.

The girl looks somewhat like the actress who played the young sister on the old “Happy Days” series, but unless the picture is old, she appears too young in it. I had to look up her name - Erin Moran. She would be over 50 by now. In that picture, I’d say the model is in her mid-20s.

Looks like a U.S. 75mm AP round to me for the WW-II tanks.

Danielle on American Pickers.

I wouldn’t have believed it, but now I see the tats below her neck, and she’s surrounded by picker-type stuff. Still, if it’s her, it must be an older picture.

Sportclay wins!


There are numerous (much) more risque pictures of her out there (Google images) but I didn’t see the one of her holding the shell among them. She has more tattoo area now.

But I did find this one:

The h*ll with the cartridges, let’s see some of those risque photos. ;)

That looks like one of the older 3"/50 cartridges with an inert or target projectile. Maybe an AP.


It does look like something “tank” and British, lots of similar looking rounds at the tank Museum at Bovingdon but I an not up to speed enough to say. Tony Williams where are you?

Ray If you want risque photos PM me. I have found a fertile source quite by accident

I’m sticking with USN 3"/50. One just like it in the photo. That’s an interesting photo. Some sort of drill or practice obviously. What do you suppose the Uniform Of The Day was??? Taken ca. 1933.

Thanks Vince, but my wife doesn’t allow me to look at that sort of stuff. But, if you post them here . . .;) ;)


Interesting mix of uniforms, dungaree, dress white, even one working white in the background, and the Chief leaning against the line reel, with the binocs. Gotta be the O-ganger with his back to the camera, in whites with white cover.

We’ve got a 3" gun at PP and some 3" rounds on the Quarter Deck. Will try to get some pics later.

Nice pictures of Danielle from “American Pickers”