Cartridge ID Help Please

This appears to be a revolver cartridge. Rimmed case straight wall. Outside lubricated bullet. Center fire with a copper primer. I suspect 1800s. Case unmarked. I can’t find anything in any of my references. I suspect it is black powder.

Bullet dia: .380
Rim dia: .440
Base dia: .378
Case length .875 appx.
OAL: 1.325

Photos Added

photo of it would help.

SP 45
By the looks of it you have a 38 CAL long Colt outside lubricated round Unfortunately I cannot
verify the over all lenght it is to much trouble to get to my own specimen at the moment so I hope
it pans out

I understood 30 long colt to be the same diameter as 38 special .357. These are significantly larger diameter at .380. I have had many of the military 38 long colt and they were no where near this large. Was there a dimension change at some time.

I matches the .38 Colt Navy in Suydam’s, “U.S Cartridges and their Handguns”.


OK None of my references have that. Can you give me the history. Are these rare?

Guy’s site has some good information. Try:

Excellent, thank you for the link. The rounds I have appear to be exactly the same as the second from the left with unmarked cases made by UMC in the 1870s