Cartridge id help

Need help to id old cartridge, brass case,brass colored primer, rimmed (looks like a smaller 11 m/m Mauser base). Bullet dia .435-440 (worn spots), lead flat nose, with 2 grooves showing. Ctg overall length 2.132 inches, mouth dia. .453, case lenght 1.483, rim dia. 618. Tapered bottle necked case. Of course, no head stamp. Thanks for any help with this one, Tom.

I’m not sure, but to find out I would recommend trying Mike Haas’ site: The site has a cartridge identification tool where you can enter all the parameters and even give ranges to allow for variances, and it will give you the closest matches.

Hard to tell from that info but I suspect a CF version of the 10.4x38R Vetterli or one of it’s variations.

Thanks for the help. Found old notes bought this for the 10.4 Itialian in the 60’s, when I got the correct Itialian load this went into the question box for decades. It is very close to the Swiss 10.4 X 38 rimfire. Thanks for the help and the site, Tom.