Cartridge id help

Ok have another cardridge I am unfamiliar with. It is obviously a reload as the primer is damaged. However, the case doesn’t look resized. Head stamp “LC57”.
Rim dia. 0.480
Base dia. 0.424
Neck dia. 0.338
Case length 2.830
Bullet dia 0.316
OAL 3.485

I believe you’ve got a reload formed from a 30-06 case, intended for a WW2 “bring-back” rifle or drilling chambered for the 8x75R round; after the owner couldn’t get factory 8x75R ammo here, he had to do the next best thing, and try to form ammo with what was available. They would have had to use considerable pressure to squeeze in the head to leave a protruding rim, then feed the case through a forming die to get it where it is today.

This cartridge was discussed on a previous thread. Maybe a search will lead you to it. But good luck, the search function isn’t the best.


thanks ray i did not know what to call this round to do a search. a previous post thought it to be an 8x75r. did a search an this with no luck. any clues to help seach would be appreciated. thanks guys this is a great help to a struggling beginner.

This tapered case is nothing like the standard necked 8x75R case. It looks more like an attempt to make the 8x72R Brenneke (more commonly but incorrectly called 8x72R Sauer).

Oops, my bad; I was just looking at a table of measurements, and didn’t stop to consider case shape.