Cartridge ID needed

What is it?
the top cartridge is the one in question.
bullet dia. .421"
case mouth .442"
case length .832"
head dia. .457"
rim .499"

the bottom cartridge is a 10.8 No4 Montenegrin for comparison.
Looks like a short Montenegrin.


Bruce, both cartridges look like early variations of the .44 Webley loaded with inside lubricated bullets. The first one with shorter case is very similar or the same made by/for Worcester Cartridge Co., and the second with longer case was made by UMC. Please, can you check if the .832" case length is correct?

We discussed this last long cased variation in this earlier thread: … =8&t=15967. I just realized that I mentioned that the UMC case used an Orcutt primer, but this is not correct; the primer used is a Hobbs 1876 patent.



The measurement is right .832"
Here is a 44 Webley for size comparison.
The Montenegrin has a case length .932"