Cartridge ID please:FN SS 38


Can anyone identify this for me please? I’m assuming that it was made by Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre (FN) in 1938 (38) but I’m unsure of the SS. The head appears to have been blackened, as does the case and projectile. However, it may just be staining or worn off, as it isn’t uniform on the case or projectile. The projectile isn’t magnetic.


The projectile dimension is 7.90mm at the neck. Case length is 53.35mm and tapers from 11.90mm at the base to 10.80mm at the shoulder. The neck diameter is 8.70mm. The head is 11.97mm. The overall length of the round is 75.15mm

This picture shows it next to a 7.92 Mauser round.





The cartridge in question is a 7.65 x 54mm Mauser. You are correct as the case was manufactured by FN in 1938 and the " SS " indicates the cartridge is loaded with a Type SS bullet i.e. boat-tailed and pointed.



Thanks Brian


SS of 7,65 Argentine Cartridges is “Heavy Ball” ( ie 175 grain) as against the standard 154 grain Flat base standard.
FN ( and Argentina) copied the German “sS”…Schwere Spitzgeschoss–Heavy (Pointed)Ball.

The Boat tail is implied.



Thanks Doc - that is very helpful.