Cartridge ID please: Z 1936 XI


Can anyone identify this for me please?


The only hit I got on the head stamp was for a Czech made (Zbrojovka Brno) 7.92mm BESA round but the projectile dimension (ø7.10mm at the neck) doesn’t match.

Case length is 56.75mm and tapers from 11.85mm at the base to 10.68mm at the shoulder. The neck diameter is 8.07mm. The head is 11.95mm. The overall length of the round is 77.75mm

This picture shows it next to a 7.92 Mauser round.


Is this a 7x57 Mauser?



The “real” 7x57 is based on the 7.65x54 Mauser, not on the German 7.9 mm (called 7.92 mm in Czechoslovakia) and therefore has a 12.1 mm rim diameter instead of 11.95 mm. In my view it could be a case necked down to 7 mm.


The 7 m/m has the same shoulder location as the 7.65 mm/m, hence a longer neck than the 7.9 m/m. I have a Czech loaded 7 m/m of this period with the same headstamp. Jack


Yes, it is a Czech 7 x 57…I have the same in the collection…



Thank you all for the responses. Yes, it has the same shoulder location as the 7.65x54 Mauser, which I also posted about yesterday! For some reason I compared them both to the 7.9mm Mauser and didn’t think to compare them to each other!

What does XI indicate on the headstamp? Is it the batch number?


No , XI = November



Thanks Rufus.