Cartridge ID please

I have been busy with the 45-70 project the last week or so and this round was also in there, but I have not been able identify it. Insert base is steel (magnetic)

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Measurements are as follows:
Bullet Diameter: .424
Mouth Diameter: .457
Base: .460
Head/Rim: .535
Case Length: 2.00

any help appreciated

Hi Daan,

It looks like a Rider patent reloadable case, but I’m not sure about the caliber. There is a very similar case tentatively identified as a .44 Wesson 2’’, but your example has slightly wider dimensions, so possibly a .45 caliber.

Please, can you post better pictures of the head?



Good evening Fede

Full size showing the head.


Thanks, now I can see that is not a Rider patent but I’m afraid I don’t have information about this cartridge. Do you know anything about its origin?

None I’m afraid. It was among the 45-70’s and was part of a collection that I bought a few years ago, but no notes or other indication of origin.

I’ve seen cases similar to this in other sizes, and always thought they were something homemade, as quality was lacking.

On this example I’ve not seen crimps which look like metal was removed to make them. The taper crimp at the mouth would / should be sufficient if it was a genuine production .45-70, so ???