Cartridge ID Quiz


On another site I frequent, one poster has put up a few “Cartridge Quiz” threads. Usually, all the rounds get identified within a couple of hours. I decided to put one up also and it’s lasted a couple of days! Is it too hard? Let’s see how quickly you guys can ID them all.


Number 1 is a 4 x 27mm CETME - with a solid copper spear-shaped bullet.


One down.


#2 is the Chinese 5.8 x 42 (looks like the key chain variety; what’s the headstamp? “71 96”?)
#3 is the 8mm Ribeyrolle (based on the .351 SL case; I’ve been told that there are no legitimate ball specimens and that the correct load - that is exceptionally rare - is with the blackened AP projectile. I’ve got one of the ball loads and it is headstamped 4 ART.W .351 17 ECP).
#4 7.62 x 39 M39 A trick question?
#5 8 x 63 Swedish
#6 ?? Is it military?
#7 .345 Machine Rifle (a factory dummy load of the ‘wide extractor groove’ variation; blind primer pocket and headstamped W.R.A. CO. .351 S. L.?)


Number six looks like a .30-40 Krag sporting load to me. Probably wrong. I am not good with
picture IDs like this.

John Moss


Nobody told me there was going to be a test!!!


Not too bad!
Paul, the M43 wasn’t a trick, I put it in for scale. Number 6 is an 8mm Murata, made in Japan using a Russian 7.62x54R case. It has both Russian and Japanese headstamps.
Thanks guys.