Cartridge ID


I recently came on to a brass case that has all the “Maynard” features{large thin rim, small flashhole, no headstamp) but appears to be a .20ga shotgun casing, measuring 2 1/2 inches long. Did Maynard make a shotgun for this or exactly what is it?


Appears to be the .64 SHOT, MOD. 1865 MAYNARD. M. Rea


Looking in C0TW before the orginal post the 64 Maynard was listed (no picture) and made reference to boxer & berdan primers. This cartridge had the flashhole like the 50 carbine. It looks like the photo they show for 55 Maynard but here again they mention “primers” (also the mouth diameter exactly matches a .20ga brass case) Still a bit confused. Thanks


Those Maynards that use the primers are the Models 1873 (big thick rim) and 1882 (‘normal’ looking rim); yours is a Model 1865, which has the same head construction with the flash hole that the .50 carbine you referred to has.


Thanks Rea & Guy for your replies. I can label it now.