Cartridge ID

Need to identify a cartridge used in a V Chr Schilling. Drilling had 5 loaded cartridges in the shell trap, loaded in reformed 30-06 & 270 cases. Please look at attachment for dimensions. Gun is Nitro proofed, probably built from 1900 to 1920. Rifle barrel is marked 7,8mm. Thanks. Bob

8x72R Sauer. Very common Drilling Cartridge. A rimmed case, can be made by sleeving a 35/55 WCFcase to get extra lenght, ( Nonte, 1967) or head swageing and re-drawing a 30/06 case to reduce head from .470" to .415" leaving rim intact.
( also Nonte, “Home Guide to Cartridge Conversions” publ. Stackpole 1965).
The 8x72R Sauer is still? available from RWS-RUAG (Germany).
The Projectile is a Commercial
“J” 8mm, .316" diameter, with Bore diameter of 7,8mm ( .308) and Grooves of .316" or less.
A low pressure round.
Further detail of barrel proofing will give idea of time period of manufacture…ie, before WW I, interwar years; 1939 onwards.
Photos essential of all markings, visible and hidden.

Doc AV

Dimensions of the formed case suggest a 8x57R/.360 Express. Do you have pictures and dimensions of a case after firing?

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I’m fairly sure Schilling went out of business in the mid 20’s, taken over by Merkel. Proofs on shotgun barrels are Crown over a W & U, rifle is a crown over an N & U. The only numbers I don’t understand are the 776.

No I don’t, just bought the gun and it had 5 rounds in the shell trap, 3 reformed 30-06 and 2 270 win. None looked fire formed, they do load and unload easily. Had one other suggestion of an 8X72R Sauer, but unless the 72 is overall length it’s gotta be too long. Thanks Bob

I think that Fede is right with his identification as 8x57 R 360, which was very popular in Germany.

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I’ll agree that it is a 57mm case and a .318 bullet, but a 8X57J won’t enter the chamber beyond the neck. Case diameter on the 8X57J is .427. Thanks. Bob

no wonder. The 8 x 57 R 360 has the additional “360”, because it is in no way related to the 8 x 57 J. As Fede already indicated, your cartridge was derived from the older British .360 Express 2" black powder cartridge.
In Germany around 1900 your cartridge was identified as 8 x 57, while what we know as 8 x 57 J was called M88/8.

Found the dimensions on the 8X57R/.360 and it appears to be the right one. It appears brass can be sourced from a couple of places and dies are available so I’ll probably get the old girl up and running. Thanks to all for the help, I would probably never found this round without it. Bob