Cartridge ID

I have another cartridge from the estate I purchased that I can’t ID from any of the info I have.

Bullet dia .432
Case dia at rim .524
Rim dia .636
Case length 2.269

Thanks for any help you can offer,

Its a 11.4 (or 11.5?) x 57R Spanish, made using the older 11 x 57Rmm bottleneck case, intended for use in the Spanish Remington rolling block rifle.

Also known as the Spanish “Reformado”.

From a Spanish box label the full name of this cartridge was Cartucho de Guerra Modelo 1871-89 para Fusil Reformado de 11 m/m. The “1871” reflects the date UMC developed this cartridge for the Remington rifle and the “89” the Spanish modifications including replacing the lead bullet with a brass jacketed lead projectile. JG

Thanks to all. With your help, I found this page.

From this info, can I assume that mine is dated 5-87?


Tom: Yes, that appears to be the date; the case was produced in the government arsenal at Seville. Note that from the date this case was probably first loaded as a mod. 71 with a lead bullet and then later resized and loaded with the jacketed 71/89 type. JG