Cartridge Identification Assistance

Picked up a couple cartridges with out legible headstamp and no idea what they are. All information appreciated!

Looks to be Center fire, but may be just a circle.
Illegible headstamp, possibly three to five letters at 12 o’clock. Nothing else.
Non-magnetic, non-lead RN projectile
11.87 mm case height
10.65 mm tip to case mouth
23.41mm overall length
6.77 mm diameter at case mouth
8.66 mm diameter above rim
9.25 mm rim diameter

Internal primed, rounded (convex) bottom. No marking.
Lead Truncated Cone with very slight hollow point projectile
9.04 mm case diameter, straight wall.
8.55 mm projectile diameter
17.72 mm total length
10.55 mm case length


The first one is a toy cartridge for several toy revolvers made by the B.C.M. Company (Derby) Ltd. in Derby, England. Also, it was used in the Lone Star Roy Rogers made by Lone Star Products Ltd. in Hertfordshire, England.

The second is a Harvey style half-jacketed bullet. It looks very similar to the Speer .38 cal. 146 gr JHP.



That explains why the price was so ‘reasonable’. P-ha!