Cartridge identification help needed


**I found this cartridge in place that from my knowledge was used as ‘base’ for British,Australian and Ottoman Empire armies in WW1. **
I’ll be thankful if someone can tell me info about it as:
What company produced it?What year was it produced?For what weapon it was used etc…

A side view of the case and/or measurements would normally be helpful but I think this one can probably be identified from the headstamp. I think this is a British .303" Mk VII Ball manufactured by Kynoch in 1915. This particular example is unusual in that the headstamp has been struck twice - it should read ‘K 15 VII’.

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Its size 5.5 cm , And yes you are right, it does look like it was double stamped. First time i find such headstamp.

Thank you for providing the additional picture - it does indeed confirm that this is a .303" cartridge.

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Nice headstamp. Thanks Alex and Jim.

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Thank you for the provided information.I really appreciate it.