Cartridge identification please


I have several nickel 38 Special cases that have the headstamp ‘WRA SPL TOOL’. Can anyone tell me what these would have been used for? I cannot figure out how to post a picture on this forum. Any help would be deeply appreciated!


jleonardindy-First let me say, if these are live rounds DO NOT TRY TO SHOOT THEM IN A REVOLVER!!!

These are very high power blanks for use in an industrial tool to drive steel pins into concrete and steel I-Beams. If yours are live, they will have a colored wad indicating their strength. They come in about 8 different wad colors.


Thanks Ron, These are fired cases. I couldn’t post the picture due to technical difficulties or I may just not understand how it is done on this forum. Thanks again for the information. That headstamp was driving me nuts with curiosity![/img]


Try with Tiny pic

Just upload your image in the Tiny pic website , choose “15” screen" option and then copy and past the link " IMG / link / IMG" in your post