Cartridge Identification-Shotshell


Been trying to find out if anybody knows anything about this cartridge.

Jim, JP & Patrick have given some very useful information but I am still trying to find out who it was made for?

It probably has been reloaded or an NPE load, so I do not trust the OSC. I have searched on the logo but not found anything that I think is helpful.

Any help would be well appreciated.



Hi Mike,

Good Luck!!
I have the exact same cartridge with exact the same questions.

Would like to hear any info known about it.

regards rené


Hi Mike,
Found out it was made by SFM.
started in 1913.

regards rené


Hi Rene,

Thanks for that.



But who is LBL ???
Surely a British gunsmith, but who ??



I do not have proof but the headstamp and casings I have (given to me by another) has this listed as SFM made for Linsley Brothers, Leeds, UK. They mainly used Kynoch to manufacture their shells…but who knows…maybe they used SFM as well.


I personally do not think it is a Linsley Brothers cartridge. I checked back through the cartridge name lists I have and no mention is made of the brand name Rapid being associated with Linsley. Also I have never seen limited abbreviated to just an “L”. Another point worthy of note is that of all the cartridges and information I have on them they are always referred to as Linsley Brothers, never Linsley Brothers Limited, to me that pretty much rules out it being short for “Limited”. As for it standing for Leeds I somehow doubt it, never seen Leeds substituted to just an “L”.

Added a few known Linsley Head Stamps, as can be seen the name and city are always spelt in full with just the brothers being shortened to Bros.

Hard call but I have asked others and got back a bland “no”. So unless somebody turns up a box with some more information on I guess we won’t know for sure.