Many years ago, I got these two cartridges from my former shooting-instructor. He said it were WWI -relics. All the time they were just lying on the shelf. But as I got interested in ammunition, I began searching. I think the first is a Mauser 8x57, manufactured in Dresden, 1918. The second is completely unknown to me. it measures approximately 8x54. Can someone confirm my research (or not) and help me further with the roundnose?


The lower of the two cartridges appears to be a 7.65 x 53.5 Mauser, made by SFM in France in 1919. I have the identical cartridge in the collection…



You are right with your first identification…8 x 57 Mauser


Thank you, gentlemen (migliore grazie). As a humble beginner, this encourages further research.