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Hi New here so if this is in the wrong place apologies. I have a shell case from the Boer War brought back by my Great Grandfather. It is around 85mm diameter by 200mm tall. There are markings on the base. He has engraved it with pictures of Queen Victoria, and Presidents Steyn and Kruger. Can anyone tell me what it is either from the size or the markings on the base?

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To help ID your “Trench Art” cartridge case please provide good measurements of the mouth/open end diameter, base diameter and length.
A good clear (readable) single photo of the base markings would also help.



It could be a 12Pr 8Cwt but this seems too late for the Boer war?
I doubt that your relative did the engraving. Looks like a souvenir to me.
Too hard to tell without all dimensions but it is English made.

85mm Outside diameter at the open end, 105mm diameter at the base, 199mm tall. There are three marking on the base. C then a K in a circle with a 1 , on the opposite side to that is as the attached, I think the 97 could be year 1897?

My Greatgrandfathers war record has him at Wepener in 1900 in the Royal Scots. I also have a letter from his son, my Grandfather which explains that his dad fashioned brought the items back from South Africa. I also have a pom pom shell with similar engravings. In family history research I also discovered that his father (my great great grandfather) was a brass finisher, so may weel have had access to the tools/skills to do the work. So no doubts in my mind. What makes you say it was English made?

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and the other marking, not a great picture form my phone but clear enough.

Your case is a British 12Pr 8Cwt Boat/field gun (83x199R) separate loaded.
It is a shortened 12Pr 12Cwt navy case and both guns were used during the second Boer war it seems. Introduced from around 1894. Cases used an extended primer vent tube and were hand extracted with a hook. I could not find more information.

I show two 12Pr 8Cwt cases converted from 12Cwt cases. The shortened one is 195mm long and the other with vent tube is for a catapult. Dimensions match your case.
Rim is 104mm. 83mm inside diameter. 199mm case.
I also show an early 12Pr 12Cwt case. These early cases were usually made by RL or EOC and did not include the gun info on the headstamp.
CF is charge/cordite Full. Arrow N 2 is Navy acceptance stamp. 3 1897 could be March or Lot 3? I cannot identify the case maker C? 1 is Mk1 case?

I thought the engraving was too well done to have been done by a soldier. I looks more like a souvenir but I take your word. An interesting item. Thanks. Ron.

![Rl1HxSzcQaeJE9HaHa98YQ_thumb_4a6|690x683](upload://qg 7CkryxgwLyUdh9N4LprSm83QK.jpeg)

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Thanks Ron, great stuff, interesting stuff on the naval guns. What would this have looked like as a complete shell? Also what are the 3 pairs of semi circular cut outs for, are they the vent tubes?
I attach a picture of the pom pom shell just for interest

Google 12Pr 12Cwt to see photos of similar projectiles for the 8Cwt.
The cut-outs are to secure a wad or cap over the powder in the case.
It is separate loaded. The projectile is rammed, case loaded and a vent tube .4" is placed in the extended tube adapter and breech closed.
Here is a percussion tube and a MkV1 later adapter. Also used electric vent tubes.