Cartridge identification

Can anyone help with identifying this cartridge, I found it years ago in a mixed box. It has 5.6mm Kron Prince on a small label on the case. I can not find anything on a Kron Prince round.

Case lenght is - 1.34" or 34mm
Neck dia is - 0.232" or 5.85mm
Bullet dia is - 0.204" or 5.2mm
Rim dia is 0.345" or 8.8mm

It has a hollow point bullet


As per Mötz (vol. 1, page 189) it is the 5.2x34R Kronprinz. An Austrian 2/3 miniature cartridge of the 6.5x53R M95 Mannlicher.

Many thanks EOD, I cant get to my cartridge books at the moment they are all packed away. So is this an actual shooting cartridge or just a miniature for show.

thanks again

These were fully functional and made for marketing purposes. Also often presented to royal houses for promotional purposes.
And your’s here should be a hunting load.
I am not sure if there were also “normal” hunting rifles using these cartridges.
The true experts here may tell more.

Here is a photo of a rifle, There may have been other types.

A scarce 5.2 x 34R Kronprinz Austrian double rifle by Johann Springer Erben of Vienna
circa 1913

Serial no. 12878, 5.2 x 34R Kronprinz. 24 inch blued side-by-side Krupp steel barrels with Viennese Nitro proofs and marked at the breech Johann Springer Erben In Wien/KuK Kammer Gewehrlieferanten. Solid matte rib with double folding leaf rear sights marked 200 and 100 150 ; quick release scope mounts. Dolls head extension engraved with scrolls and blossoms. Side clips. Automatic safety with gold SAFE . Double set triggers. Casehardened scalloped boxlock action finely engraved with florals and bouquets. Finely checkered splinter fore-end with engraved lever release. Checkered pistolgrip stock of partly figured walnut. Horn pistolgrip cap. Oval cheekpiece. Engraved buttplate with cartridge reservoir. Sling swivels.

This gun sold for about $10K about 5 years ago.


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The small caliber Tesching style cartridges were used for hunting the European equivalent of the American Turkey…the Auerhahn, or Capercaillie. Only fulljacket or modified soft points were allowed to prevent meat destruction.
The 5.7 KronPrinz was the main cartridge used pre-1900, and post-WWII modern .22 Hornet with Fmj was also made in Europe.
There were over a dozen of these small calibre cartridges before WWI… and very nice guns to match, either doubles or “drillings”.

Doc AV