Cartridge identification

Hi, I received some casings, most are ww2 .50 BMG but there is also something unusual:
-Shell (37x220mm) I think it’s a 37/54 shell
-Clip and rounds are marked B-36 but I don’t know why they were cut off
-the third item I think is a gauge reducer, it fits pretty well 12.7x45mm Papal so maybe it’s made for 50/70.
I hope the images opens this time.
IMG_20190331_124221 IMG_20190331_124449

Your clip looks to be Italian for either the 6.5 or 7.35 military rifles.
The adapter looks to be for shooting a pinfire revolver ball round in a pinfire shot gun. Anything stamped into the side of it?

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Yes the clip is for Carcano and the rounds in it are 6.5x52 but I don’t know why they haven’t the neck.

This adapter looks to be brass? The ones I’m familiar with are steel.
None the less it looks from the markings to take a 12mm PF & for a 28 ga PF shot gun.

No answer as to the rounds for the clip. Perhaps someone cut them off?
Are they loaded in some way? Is there a top wad? Perhaps some one was making blanks? OR ???

If the cut off shells are empty, wiith no signs of conversion from ball to a different load, I am wondering if these cartridges were perhaps “demilitarized” by a past Italian Collector. I know some changes have been made in recent years, but for years, in Italy, any caliber of SAA ever used by the Italian Military establishment was prohibited for civilian use and possession. Cutting the cases to make them no longer useful in 6.5 Carcanos may have taken them out of that category.

Just a wild guess.

John Moss

Yes, the adaptor is made of brass and have some traces of rifling…in both directions.
I don’t reload and I don’t know anything about reloading but could be something for industrial loading?

About 6.5 Carcano I’ve an hypothesis: in Italy people used to dug up cartridges for selling brass and lead and using the powder for reloading shotshells, maybe someone couldn’t to disassemble these cartridges and so he cut them off, about former Italian laws this work was useless because you couldn’t have any military cartridge, inertized or not.
Sorry for translation errors and thanks.

I have a sub - ga, adapter almost identical to this 12/28 pin fire. It has British proof marks on it though .

Wow, Dave very cool.
I’ve only seen steel ones Here’s a 12 & a 16 both using the 12mm. The 12mm for these have an especially long pin on them as the pin has to extend above the barrel plus the adapter.

The 37x220 is Italian and if I see it right a steel case. Very hard to find and great condition!

Perhaps the rounds in the stripper were for movie use in 6.5 or 7.35 rifles? Might need some chamber/action modification to make them work.

Yes, the 37mm is italian, Bombrini Parodi Delfino made it, someone have a photo of a complete 37x232 cartridge?

Now as you mention it, was the case cut down???

Both the 6.5 Carcano and the 37mm, the 37mm’s cut removed only 1cm and is crooked

Too bad such a great item got ruined.

Luckily it’s only 1 cm…

Thank you all for the big help