Cartridge identification

Hi everyone, I obtained three cartridges with some difference compared to standard ball rounds:

Two 8x56mmR with round nose bullets.


6.5x52 without inspector’s initials.

Why do they have these differences?

I think the 8x56RS manlicher are reloaded. Not original load.

I share krtecek85’s view that the round nose bullets are not original. Using an S type bullet was the very purpose of this cartridge.

First cartridge 8x56r is made in Bulgaria. I have not seen a round bullet yet. I think they are not original like this.

Thanks, and the other one?

The same, don’t exist with a round bullet.

Bulgaria started making
8mm Patronny Mannlichera “S”
In 1936 in Brass, 1941 in Bonderised Steel, and virtually
Ceased in 1944 when Soviets occupied. Some manufactured in 45, and 8mm Bunter used in first Brass 7.62x54R production in 1946. By 1948 had changed to 10 * 48.

Doc AV

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No, I mean the 6.5 Carcano

Ether a special in-house test batch, for which Inspector’s initials not requiered, or a headstamp bunter not properly made/ engraved.
BOLOGNA Pyrotehnic Plant, 1941.Not abroken bunter, as usually seen sometimes in normal, indented Headstamps.
( Relief bunters such as 6.5 Italian and 7.62x54R Russian are easier to make.)

Doc AV

I take the version of DocAV4901 as correct, as it is the first time I see a 6.5 Carcano without the inspector’s initials, and I have studied thousands of them
Never found documents in this regard.
DOCAV where did you get this news?
Thank you

Caro Giovanni,
L’uso d’impronte modificated e’ commune in lotti di prova, o di svilluppo di disegni di cartuccie,
in tutto il mondo, piu’ per tener separati questi lotti, dalla produzione normale.
Ma in questo caso, propendo verso “lo sbaglio” del incisore,
e, la sbiadataggine del Ispettore stesso, nel non notare la mancanza!!! Magari la mattina dopo una festa…non e’
“Bologna la grassa” per niente.
Ballisticus pedemontanus Cuneensis

Ok, thanks