Cartridge identification

Hello, could you help me with these 3 cartridges? Any information is welcome.

  1. .38 S&W SPL internal primer?
  2. The lead tip of this 11x50R Albini, is it original? or handmade?
  3. 11,15X44R ?? (head print N.V. DREYSE SOMMERDA)

Thanks in advanse


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No 2 appears to be a cast bullet with the sprue not taken off correctly
No.3 apart from anything looks to be a homemade blank.

  1. inside primed
  2. looks like an attempt was made to pull the bullet with pliers

Marten 86
The unheadstamped round with the tit on the lead bullet is I think the MOD 1874
Brazilian Comblain,to bad that,someone messed with that bullet,I have the same round
Cal=11,4+53R.I think this one is hard to find nowdays.If you wish to see the stamped
Comblain version,PP.Go to the Forum post under the heading COMBLAIN CARBINE REQUEST,that one has a nice raised stamp on it,I wish it would be on mine.The primer
seating seems to be un disturbed Sherryl

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No3 looks like an 11.2x44R MB Target (MB49) with a “F.v. DREYSE SÖMMERDA” hs and as mentioned above, the case has been turned into a blank (possibly shot).

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I could not find a 11,2+44R Target MB but I found a 11,3+50R MB Target,yes you seem to be
attracted to the low shoulder on that made up shot load??? so was I. in order to get a better
handl on that one would need a few measurments.I was wondering if this could be a Grenzaufseher
with a pulled bullet??They were made with military and civilian stamps.What a shame that would be
I am looking for one of these for years.the one you mentioned above carries the DWM no 310

Sherryl, As you say dimensions would help somewhat but the crimped top of the case would make that difficult. Based on what we have here are some comments re your possible identification. Firstly a visual comparison:

The 11.3x50R MB (left) has a higher shoulder and was only ever made by Lorenz/DWM. This has the DWM case# 310 (not “the one I mentioned above”) . Our unknown is very unlikely to have been made from this case (which is the rarest of the ones shown here).

The 11.15x37R Grenzaufseher (DWM# 55) is an MB case type and has a case length close to the unknown case (where the crimp begins) but the shoulder is way lower. Not known in crimped blank or shot form to my knowledge. It is known with a Dreyse hs but has the “N.v. DREYSE SÖMMERDA” one (not the “F.v. DREYSE SÖMMERDA” hs) but it is possible that it exists with that hs. Still most unlikely to be the origin of the unknown.

The 11.2x44R has the shoulder in the right position, matches the overall case dimensions (as best we can tell) and is known with exactly the same “F.v. DREYSE SÖMMERDA” hs. This is almost certainly the basis of the unknown case (if it is indeed an MB casetype).

That Grenzaufseher is a bit hard to find (especially outside of Germany) but FYI it is known in at least 15 HS variations as shown below:

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Thanks for the nice comparison lesson,yes that shoulder position is very importent
and I accept your judgement trade you something else for one of those Grenzaufseher!!!
if it only were possible

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