Cartridge identification

Hi I am hoping some one could help me with information on this shell. It’s 20mm ww11 . It has mk4 on it and EK. See pictures. It is 110mm long. I know 20mm we’re used for antiair craft. It was found on a liberty ship that was sunk by a torpedo. James Eagan Layne. But these box’s of shells are not on the manifest of the ship. And we’re not for any of the guns on the ship! Any ideas?

Hello there, TonyRobertoReed, welcome to this Forum.
I do not doubt some of us will identify your case. I know your possibilities are limited as a newbee but can you give a picture of the whole case and of the headstamp?

Hi thanks for your response … I was only able to upload 1 photo. I will try to add here if possible.

Hmhm… EK is American. Eastman Kodak Company. And case was made in 1944. I think it’s for an Oerlikon antiaircraft gun.

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Learn from my mistake 20x110mmRB Oerlikon "E.K.1944 20 MM MK4"


Well… we were nearby. American, Oerlikon, 20 mm, antiaircraft, 1944…But the bunch of experts…
Damn! Why not EKCO?

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thank you for the replies … so what I have are unfired empty shells… I’m guessing on route to be put into production?

I don’t think so as the case shows crimping groves. Let’s call in the experts once more.

Neck looks bell-mouthed on the right. It is possible that the projectile has been removed and the powder dumped.