Cartridge identify

Today I got this case,the sizes of this case is pretty similar to the 8×53R Murata.But the case mouth have six crimps and different chamfer on the rim.Is this a 8mm Murata case or something others

Could this be a 8mm Siam Mauser?

I’m wondering…being in China, perhaps Magnum has discovered a variation of the 7.62x55R “Jiangnan” cartridge?

On his measurement drawing, he shows the case length as 52.60 mm. I don’t think that would be within specifications for a nominally 55 mm case length.

John Moss

That’s why I said maybe a “variation”. Just a thought.

7.9x52.9 R Rubin ?

It seems this is not an 8 mm Murata.
Murata has a different diameter at the base.
not siamese mauser