Cartridge impulse

Not my collecting field just currios what it is a “cartridge impulse MK 1 mod 3” and where are they using them for? Viewing it’s an alluminium cased electric primed ctg sealed with clear celluloit. Inside are tubular pellets 5mm long, 5mm dia. Lenght is 85.6 mm dia. 26.6mm.
Thanks, Jan.


I collect special purpose rounds…and



Perhaps for a “Y” or “K” type Depth Charge launcher as used on Destroyers? As I recall, they were a short 75mm case.


I was too quick on the draw and read the last quotation mark as going with the 3 as in 3 inch. At 26.6mm dia. Pepper is more in line I’m sure with possible applications.


I was also thinking a possible depth charge or even early era surface launched torpedo? Also, I am not 100% sure, but I think the Hedgehog anti-sub weapon system used this type of device?


Thanks already Pepper, try to post a foto tomorrow. More info, lower in the hst is also stamped EOI (or ECI) 04 78. The rimmed case has the first 15 mm dia + 0.5mm (visible) top a little roll crimp. For protection in handling the top has a red plastic cap were you can read in possitive reli

Pfew !..took some diggin ! I need to talk you out of the round !

what a cool pupose…“actuate a refueling hose guillotine in an emergency” !!!

(PS…anyone who wants to bring any weirdo

Amazing research Pepper! I’d love to see your other WEIRDO CADS when you find the time to photograph them.