Cartridge Info Request - SPOKANE PD 38 SPL


A fellow shooter friend of mine gave me this cartridge. He reloads and found it among some brass he picked up somewhere. He doesn’t know where, though. He gifted it to me on the condition that I share with him any information I can find about it.

I was thinking it was from a run of brass custom-made for the Spokane Police. The brass is otherwise standard .38 Spl. It is a reload, so the bullet is a new XTP, and not original.

Any thoughts on this, guys?


I’ve never seen this before but I think you are on track with your theory. Try contacting Spokane PD and asking them. Doubt they still use the .38 (nobody does that I have heard of) but maybe someone there knows or records show how these custom marked brass came to be. I’m curious too.


Otto Witt’s book on 38 Special headstamps indicates that these cases were porduced in the early 1980s by Starline and delivered unloaded to the Spokane Police Dept. They may have been loaded by the police dept or a contractor hired by the Spokane Police.




Rich–Yes, it was made for the Spokane Police Dept. It was made in the mid-1980’s. Many Police Departments were using custom headstamped brass in that era. There is INEL (Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Idaho Falls, Idaho) and LAPD (Los Angles). I am sure there are others. Most of these were supplied by Star-Line as Unprimed Empty cases.

Lew–We were both typing at the same time. Your message beat mine to the Forum.


Thanks all, for the info. As usual, finding out there are even more special headstamps out there makes me desperate to have them! I will pass this along to my friend.

What I also find interesting is the journey this brass has taken. I’m not sure where it was made originally but, at a minimum, it has been to WA, MO, and now TX. It’ll be with me for a while though.