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Sad to say that Steves Pages has been taken off line. It was a terrific source of information and data on a variety of shooting related subjects, one of the most important being his cartridge drawings and dimensions.

In his own words:


The page you are looking for has been taken off-line.

The reason being that some of the greedy, miserable, selfish, unthinking, and useless b@#%&*s in the world decided it would be okay to download EVERYTHING available on this page.

Therefore; I have decided that I will take the appropriate action …


Ray do you have the URL of this website?

Here was my link to it. I’ve been visiting it for several years and still had not looked at every page.

Now that I look at his message, maybe he has only taken off certain pages??? I hope so. I’ll have to do a little searching.


The firearms and reloading pages are gone.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone not only downloaded all of the files, but also burned the files onto a DVD and then sold them on eBay.

It looks like Jon and Daniel are both right.

I’ve asked some of my shooting friends and they still have links to some of his pages but the cartridge, loading, and reference material pages are gone. And yes, one or more people have abused the site by downloading huge amounts of information and offering it to others at a cost.


Try … page7b.htm

I think you will need to know which pages to look for and change the page number for the one you are looking for.

Hope this helps.

Armourer, you went the way I had in mind.

Here the missing page from the archive: … /page8.htm

Armourer & AOD

I’m not sure I understand (I KNOW I don’t !).

The links that you gave are not links to Steve’s pages but to pages that have been downloaded to your hardrive?? They are only current to the date that they were downloaded??

Color me confused.


Ray: They are linking to cached copies of the site at the Internet Archive (

Well I learn something new everyday. So, if has Steves Pages in their system it is accessible even though Steve has removed it from his site. Albeit, it would only be current to the date on which copied it.

Correct?? If so, what has Steve gained by removing it from his site?


His gain is the reduction in operating costs. His, ours, Saeed’s etc server company charges by the amount of data that’s transfered / bandwidth used


The site allows you to search by the original site name. However many of the links will not work from the pages they have captured, but be thankful for what you can still access.

Sometimes you can google the terms on the page you want and might find a copy that Google has archived.

Anyone who posts ANYTHING on the internet and thinks that it won’t be used by others in all sorts of ways is beyond naive.

I have seen Tony Williams material in CHINESE AND KOREAN while looking at various sites and I am sure that it is elsewhere in many other forms.

I have bought copies of publications from European dealers which were digitized by us earier in the year.

Digitizing publications is an expensive effort but there is no control of such material after selling it.

If Hollywood studios who employ hundreds of blood sucking lawyers can not stop the pirating of their wares what hope is there of us in the small pool. Answer : none.

Copyright gives one a standing in court. That is all. Check with a copyright lawyer and see how much they charge to pursue a case. International copyright law is an order of magnitude more expensive and time consuming and usually ends in loss.

CDBs (computer disc books) are an absolute boon to mankind . We have sold super rare references to people all over the world who would have little chance of ever even seeing such things. Now, for a few bucks, they can own them !

Several years ago I sold a copy of my CORE ( comprehensive ordnance reference ) to the US ARMY HEADQUARTERS COMMAND.

Hundreds of hours of video tape of ammunition and explosive ordnance on VHS tape ( now available on DVD ! ) . ALL COPYRIGHT NOTED .

Within months it has been copied and distributed to Govt. al over the country.

Top copyright lawyer in DC wanted $25,000.00 retainer to file a suit AND gave little hope of obtaining a positive judgment. PASS.

Years ago I bought several Hollywood movies from an ad in Shotgun News. Good buy I thought. They were all pirated from TV with commercials . I contacted the FBI with understandable indignation. I was refered to the Federal prosecutor in the state where the seller lived ( TEXAS). The FEDERAL PROSECUTOR told me at the time ( 1970 ) that they would not INVESTIGATE any complaint which totaled less than $250,000. I am sure that it is much more now.

Bottom line: post it , forget it. ENJOY !