Cartridge list by caliber.....small to large?


I am about to start putting my cartridges on my display board and need to know if there is a comprehensive list of calibers for both handgun and rifle out there from small to large???

My plan is to organize these by rimmed vs rimless, so ideally a list of handgun and rifle for both would be very helpful.

This would at least guide me through and help me figure out what I am missing.

As for foreign and domestic, both could be in the list.

Thanks for any help you can provide!



Kind of a daunting request. Do you have a copy of “Cartridges of the World”? That would be a good place to start.


I realize it is a daunting request, and yes I have a copy of the book you mentioned as well as others.
Just hoping someone has already put a list together maybe in a PDF file for quick reference.


This was already done by a Spanish web site MUNICION.ORG, go there and click on FUEGO CENTRAL on the left.


THREEDFLYER–The closest thing to a comprehensive list is the one put out by the ECRA. It lists 11,625 calibers and it is nowhere complete. Here is a link:

Click on the ECRA Caliber Data Viewer from the list on the left.

However, let me ask why you want to make a display board. It might be fine for a small selection, maybe a couple of hundred cartridges, of your duplicates to hang on your den wall, but not for an active collection. Personally. I would not do it, but they are your cartridges. I certainly would not put anything worth more than $5.00 on a display board. No matter how you choose to attach them you are most likely going to damage the cartridges. If you try to wire them on, it has been my experience that the wires don’t hold very well, but if you do use wire be sure to use brass wire, not steel. As a means of displaying a collection it is a poor choice as you will either be constantly rearranging it or will have new rounds out of order all the time as your collection grows. A board the size of a highway billboard would not even come close to holding them all, even if you restrict it to just one of each case type with no consideration of headstamps or load types.

In my opinion, in the end, it will turn into a time consuming project with no hope of ever being complete.


Wow. For a display board you will probably need an area the size of a small house.
I have well in excess of 1500 different sporting calibres…
and I dont even collect sporting cartridges.
All I can do is wish you good luck :)


While not a “complete” list, I’ve sent you a e-mail with my personal “general cartridge” list attached. My list is broken into sections and sorted by (A) bullet diameter and (B) case length


First off, thanks for the replies on this post…I appreciate the info I have received so far.

As for the display board…

I am NOT trying to gather up every cartridge known to man. First, it would never happen and second, there would be no room in my home for such a board. I am just wanting to put the cartridges that I have gathered on the board.

As for attachment to the board - at this time I am using COPPER wire which is soft and seems to be gentle on the cases.

However, I am working on the acquisition of a cabinet to store the majority of them in.

Any other info is welcome.



Tom–While copper wire is better than steel wire, brass wire is still better. The copper will oxidize to a darker color than the cartridges and, in my opinion, would not look as nice. The brass wire will oxidize at the same rate as cartridges and will blend in better. Also, because of the cost of copper these days, a lot of it is copper coated steel, not solid copper. You should be able to find bare brass wire in small gauges at most good hardware stores, though probably not “Home Depot” types. Also, any good machine tool supply store will have it.


Tom–You said you were looking for a cabinet. I don’t know what you have in mind, but stay away from wood cabinets. Many of them are made from wood that will oxidize your lead bullets to a white powder.

If you have the room, the metal blueprint or map cabinets work really well. They usually come in 5 drawer units are in the neighborhood of about 30 inches x 48 and will hold a lot of cartridges. If you go this route, the ones with ball-bearing slides work best because of the weight. You can usually find them for about $50-$75 dollars used these days because most companies that used them are digitizing their files and getting rid of the cabinets.



Thanks for the heads up on the copper/brass wire.

As for a cabinet…in talking with Pepper recently, I have decided to forget the wood cabinet idea and keep my eyes open for a metal flat file cabinet. I really think that will be the best option given my end goal.

As for my list of calibers from small to large, I think that using the resource books that I have will be sufficient.

However, if someone out there in IAA land has come up with a comprehensive list, I am all ears!


Tom Graham


There is a pretty good list at Just scroll down a 1/3rd of the way on the home page and you can click on the drop-down box for either reloadable or non-reloadable cartridges. They have most all of the basics listed. To see all of the details on each cartridge you have to be a member, which is fairly cheap.


I have made several display boards but you don’t want to put you good stuff out like that. My intention was to imitate the boards of yesteryear which I had admired but could never afford.
The best cartridges to make up a board are those that are visually different, The short, the long, the fat, the thin etc arranged in geometric patterns. From that point of view the cheapest examples are the best, nobody looks at the headstamps or checks the provenence.

I would suggest fishing line to fix them. Partly because its slightly elastic, tie it off at the back and then get a tooth pick or match stick under the knot at the back and twist it to put the line under tension. Its very hard to tie wire tight enough to give a good grip. Its also hard to tie fishing line so it stays tied under pressure, you have to read up on your knots.


There is also the IAA index in homepage.

It lists every cartridge described on IAA journals, so it is quite exhaustive


I made a few boards for cartridges out of aluminium, just rivetted together, a lid hinged on the base and a couple of clips to keep it closed. A plate of glass pushed the cartridges in some sponge to keep the cartridges in place. The cartridges can be moved easily to accomodate a new one and the can be lined up better than I have done here.


Will–Now that is the first really good idea I have seen for making a cartridge board. Easy to rearrange and no damage to the cartridges. One improvement might be the addition of a 1/4 to 1/2 inch wood strip under each row to help keep the cartridges aligned and to provide a place to glue a title label to identify each cartridge.


Depending on the type of foam used, it could eventually stick to the cartridges and mark the brass. I have seen foam decay like this before. Other than that, the idea seems like it could work well.