Cartridge of the month needed


As you can see, there is nothing posted for June, July or August.

It would be greatly appreciated if people would submit some items so we can keep current. Anything from tiny pinfires (hint to Aaron…) on up through the ranks of rimfires of all vintages, centerfires, shotshells, artillery… Has anyone ever sectioned some of the paper cartridges or early and primitive stuff like Maynards, or the cardboard(?) Snider rounds? Heck I’s even run some artillery primer cartridges if someone has some of those.

Send me some photos and some text and I will put it together and give you credit. (Unless I misplace the submitters name as happened with Keith Pagel’s April submission-- sorry Keith!)



How tiny a pinfire would you like? =D

I would love to have some of my pinfires sectioned! What is the process to do this? Do i section them? Do I send them to you? Do i get them back?

also, I know Guy has a sectioned Eley needle fire.


Aaron- See if you can get some photos and a brief write up on the needle fire, that would be interesting!

As far as sectioning stuff, I am not brace, smart or handy enough to do that myself. For liability reasons we do not allow discussion of the process here anyway. [Lawyer: “But one of those guys on the IAA forum implied it was safe to use a cutting torch on a HE projectile. Therefore widow Jones wants a gazillion dollars from the IAA for her late husband’s sudden demise… Half of which she will give to me…”

A number of people are very good at safely sectioning things and maybe one of them can contact you directly… and your prospective widow can sue them instead of IAA…