Cartridge of the month

The cartridge on the photograph seems to be a .50-95-300 Winchester Express. Paul Smith, are you there?

Fede, I suggest if one asks for information that he at least adds the link.

Hi Fede,

I’m here…slow, but here…

I can’t be certain what this round was (I sectioned it many months ago) and I no longer have it. I can’t provide any dimensions.



I had the same reaction as Fede but didn’t say anything. If you scale it, it does appear to be too long to be a 50-70.

Did the owner have two of them or did you simply show front and back photos? I’d like to have just ONE.


I agree with Fede and Ray, not only based on the long case, but also the profile of the bullet, which hollers ‘.50 Winchester Express’, even without seeing the copper tube.

Thanks for the correction. I can tell you all about the evolution of the extractor groove on the experimental 15.5 x 106 FN HMG round, but nothing on the early American rounds!

Sorry, Ray - same round front and back.

This isn’t the first time I’ve caught heck for sectioning a good round.