Cartridge photos with a light box

In some other threads there is off & on mention of how to take good photos of cartridges without shadow, and I had suggested a “studio in a box” or “lightbox”, like the one here:

I got a hold of one and took many photos last night. I don’t know if these would be considered really great or just average. I took them at night with only the room’s ceiling light and the two little studio lights as light-sources:

KTW 38spl - 4 different ogives

Cobra Gun co - “High Safety” 9mm

4 different KTW headstamps

I, for one, think the cartridge picutres look fine. The headstamp pictures have too much shadow for using a light box, but I think that is simply a matter of playing with the angle and position of the lights, and perhaps lowering the camera just a little more to be on a direct line with the headstamps, not slightly above them so you do not get a shadow image of the rest of the case above the headstamp. If the camera stand is not adjustable, that can be accomplished by simply slipping something under the fron edge of the light box to achieve the correct height.

All in all, looks good to me. I may buy one. The price is right.

Thanks for posting this.

I bought one of these and then ordered two more of the little lights and it works pretty good.

I find that my scanner works better than anything else. I have two under cabinet fluorescent lights that I prop up on a piece of 2x4 to back light cartridges and boxes on my scanner and scan with the top up and it works great. The angle on the headstamp is always precise and I can set the image at exactly the magnification I want (100%, 200% 400% or whatever).

In fact for right at a $100 I bought a new trim line scanner that is easy to pack in a suite case and is powered off the computer through the USB connection (no seperate power cord). It is a lovely little machine. I may throw away my camera.

Prez Obama isn’t going to let you guys get away with stuff like this. We are all supposed to go Green. That means using our natural sunlight. I understand he will be following the lead of the UK Green Police by having drones flying all over the fruited plains with thermal imaging cameras to seek out all that wasted energy emanating from your house. Be warned. ;) ;)


[quote]I bought one of these and then ordered two more of the little lights and it works pretty good.

I could use some of the lights, where did you order them from and what do they cost??

They had a small lightbox kit in the last Sportsman’s Guide catalogs. I’m thinking about buying one for cartridges, small knives and other doodads I like to photograph.