Cartridge question for the M1869/77 Norwegian Lund carbine

I have recently purchased a Norwegian M1869/77 Lund Kammerlader carbine and I am wondering what ammo it took. I have heard that it was 12X29 RF, if it was would this just have been shortened 12.7X44 RF ammunition?
And does anyone have a picture?

Thank You, John

Does this help?

Yes, the 12x29RF Lund carbine cartridge is a shortened 12x44RF (it was called 12 mm in Norway, not 12,7 mm). It has a 17,1 gram lead bullet and a loading of 2,7 g black powder. The rimfired copper case is 29 mm long. The cartridges were produced by Hovedarsenalet in Oslo from 1868 to the mid-1880’s.
Besides the ball cartridge, blank and dummy cartridges are known to exist.
The 12 mm Lund carbine cartridges are probably the most difficult Norwegian cartridges to look for…

From left: Ball, two drill cartridges and blank. Usually the drill is described to have a red wooden bullet, so the left one has probably lost it’s colour.

Thank you gentlemen for helping me out with this small puzzle, it is greatly appreciated.