Cartridge Questions

Hello all, A friend of mines father gave him a partial box of Remington 32-30 cartridges. My friend nor I are familiar with this cartridge. I would like to know what gun they were used in, are they still available and time of production. Also is there any rarity to them.

Thanks Rookie

the 32.30 is another name for 32 win special ?

The .32-30 was introduced by Remington about 1880 and was chambered primarily in their Remington Hepburn single shot rifle. It was employed as a target cartridge and also for varmints and smaller game. Don’t know date of discontinuation but probably pre 1900. Jack


It would be interesting to see pictures of your friend’s new acquisition. Are the contents headstamped?

From the IAA catalog collection it seems the .32-30 Remington was listed by UMC right up to the 1909 catalog but was dropped and not listed after joining up with Remington (1910/1911).


Thanks to all for the info. Considering discontinued around 1909 I am sure they are not in the right box from what my friend was describing. Seems to be fairly rare so I am going to try to talk him out of one for my collection. I will try to get a picture sent to me.