Cartridge related?

Posting this for Peter Gorbenko;

Cartridge related?
Chamber insert for cleaning a bore?

79mm long.
14mm base diameter.
11mm diameter neck.
16.5mm diameter O-Ring.

What is the inside diameter for the inside of the neck and base?

8mm for inside of neck.
10mm for inside of base.

Looks like a chamber sub caliber insert for 7,9x57 chamber for a special short range cartridge…either a
.32 ACP, or a 8x27? Type Short range type.

Rather esoteric in “8mm” calibre…but they do exist
in Europe in 6,5, 7mm, 7,65, and 7,9 (8) sizes with specific insert cartridges.

Doc AV
May also be a protective “chamber sleeve” for a cleaning rod. ( late brain wave).???

7.9 German will not fit inside, nor with this chamber in a 7.9 German chamber.

Since you insist in not posting measurements, it is impossible to determine what it is!!!
Even the comparison with a 7,9 cartridge only tells us it is a bigger chamber…maybe a 10.5 Mauser hunting cartridge???
This board is not “20 questions”…one preents all the available info, ( photos, measurements etc) for a genuine enquiry, from Reasonably Knowledgible Individuals. Not Vague Questions with no points of reference, and then not reading the responses.

Doc AV
In curmudgeon mode/ mood…

Did you miss the measurements in the first post???
Quit your rambling!!!
Writing in this way makes it seem like you have anger issues!!!



As Ole points out, measurements were clearly in fist posting.

I have several hundred different calibers in my collection to compare with along with oodles of electronic and paper research text, and believe me, if I post a question here on the Forum, I have come to my wits end researching…



Hi Joe,

I’m still trying to find out the proper name of object, but it seems it is a pushrod tube cover (as used in combustion engines).

A company named Vulcan Industries Corp. manufactures a model exactly like the one you have. They make components for motorcycle companies like Harley Davison, Indian, Yamaha, Polaris, and S&S Cycle. I wrote them yesterday to know more about its proper designation and use.


Below you can see how it works (a different model with flared mouth and bulged base used in Harley Davison bikes):






Thank you.

You are absolutely amazing!