Cartridge, Rifle Grenade Caliber .30 M1 box variations

(Note- this refers to the early (circa 1941 or earlier) Cartridge, Rifle Grenade Caliber .30 M1, not the later M3.)

Note the changes in labels just in these three consecutive lot numbers with or without information on the powders used, reference to rod length, sequence of the information and fonts.

Rick L. asked me to post these and ask if anyone has images of other boxes of the Cartridge, Rifle Grenade Caliber .30 M1 from earlier or later lots than these.
Lot 11 (Headstamp- RG FA 40)

Lot 12 (Courtesy Hackely, Woodin & Scranton, Volume 1 P. 161)

Lot 13

Does anyone have examples of other lots of these?

I figured this thread might not have many replies as these early boxes are so scarce. Here’s a bit more info to add. A box from F.A. Lot 15 is shown in Gerry Marcello’s book on .30-06 and it’s exactly like the Lot 13 box above.

In addition, another friend provided a photo of the box label from Lot 7 he found in the National Archives. No surprise that it is also different from 11, 12, and 13. I’m wondering if all of the early lots have unique labels.

very interesting boxes, the early ones !
Here are some from my collection