Cartridge show in Manchester, NH 2014

The date & location are set. I had plenty of email response, and the best day is Saturday, October 18th, 9am - to close. The location is the Firing Line range at 50 Gay st, Manchester, NH (behind the big primary range on the main rd). I will be posting this on the internet via Facebook groups and other forums, and sending out some mailers and making phone calls. The tables / admission are free, and unless I get a deluge of responses, then the space should be adequate. I bring extra tables & chairs anyway in case we need to expand.

Hope to see you New Englanders there!

Updated info above

I trust that Oct. 18 2014, Saturday 9:00 AM to Close will be the IAA Show at The Firing Line, 50 Gay Street, Manchester, NH.

I hope to see a lot of you there.

Some people might refer to shows like this as an “IAA show”, but it’s not IAA run per-se. It will just have a lot of IAA members there, like most cartridge shows. This weekend I will be sending out some E-mail and Facebooks blasts to remind everyone that it is next Saturday the 18th.


This is a final reminder that the cartridge show will be tomorrow from 9:00am to evening at the Firing Line Range at 50 Gay St. in Manchester, NH. I have emailed most all of the nearby IAA members, posted in numerous online gun forums, and several Facebook user groups related to guns & ammo. Hope to see lots of New England collectors there!

GOOD LUCK & HAVE A GREAT SHOW with everyone going home with at the very least TWO very good goodies.

Photographs please & not just the tables but the people.

The show in Manchester yesterday was a great little gathering. We had just enough for everyone to walk away with something, and a few people piled up loads of new cartridges.

In the photos below are just some of the people who were there, of which the total were:

Seth Vose, Oscar Portabales, Peter DeRose, Dave Kuchta, myself, Dick Fraser, David Levesque, Scot Logue, Henry Hurley, Bob Reichenbach, Ron Goddard, Pete Noyes, James Goldthwaite, Chris Spolsino & wife, Teak Cavis, the range-owner Jim McLoud, and a few walk-ins.

We kept everyone fed & fueled:

Thanks again to range owner Jim McLoud for providing the space. He even came through at one point and handed out free 4.6x30mm cartridges which he couldn’t even give away at his shop since nobody has a gun to shoot them!

Peanut butter cookies on the right?!! I wish I were there…

Apples??? Way too healthy for a cartridge show. Dave must have brought those.

Teak was there? It’s been long while since I’ve seen him, but I didn’t recognize him in any of the pics.

I brought the apples since everything else was via Walmart, and yes, peanut butter no-bakes on the right - they were the most popular! Teak arrived late after I had taken the photos. He was there last time we did this in Feb, 2013, but then he lives right in NH, so he’s close. He said he would be at the Manchester gun show later this year with lots of ammo.

Thanks again Matt. It was a great show. I spent a bit of money and got 3 books I needed as well as some cartridges that I bought right.

Very glad to hear that Teak was there. I haven’t heard from him in quite some time. Wish I could have been there.