Cartridge show in Manchester, NH 2015 Nov 7th

We will again be doing a cartridge show in Manchester NH this year - looking at some time in late October / early November. I am leaning towards the first week of November since a notice put in the next journal would arrive in time for people to hear about it that way. I emailed everyone I knew of via the directory who is in the N.E. region, but I wanted to check here and gauge interest / availability also for non-IAA members. It would be on a Saturday or Sunday, likely either Sunday Nov 1st, or Sat / Sun Nov 7 or 8. If you can go, then reply here, or message me.

I have also posted online about this, just preliminarily to check on best date compatibility & interest since the venue is generally always available (for us), and it’s free for tables / admittance, etc…

I’ll be there Matt! Either day is fine, but Saturday preferred.


Hi Matt,
I too would prefer a Saturday, but I could do the Sunday if push came to shove. I really love those shows. Dave, bring something that I have never seen before BUT CAN EASILY AFFORD.
Jim Goldthwaite

Matt, what time will the doors open?

It would be 9am, and I am 90% sure on a date, but I need to confirm with the property owner.

Is there a confirmed date yet?

Hello all,

I have a firm date from the Manchester Firing Line range owner Jim, plus a better location! The date is: Saturday, Nov 7th at 9am. Address = 2540 Brown Ave, Manchester, NH. Jim says he can set us up in the “warehouse” which is either the big open floor space in his primary range store (around the corner from 50 Gay st), or maybe the archery range there at the primary range, which is even larger. In either case, it is a space upgrade for us, which is good since I have had much more response from some new sources of people, namely a collectors group on Facebook, and some Gunbroker sellers who are in the region and who seem to be into vintage ammo sales. The best part is that all of the heavy foot traffic which he gets in the primary range will be walking right passed us which can’t hurt. I will be doing a round of emails & forum postings and I will then get back to everyone with how many people it sounds like are going. So far it sounds like the usual number, plus 6 or 7 new people, and 2 regulars who had been there 2 years ago but not last year. Again, the tables are free - Jim says he has plenty for in there, plus I bring extras (we haven’t run out yet). I am encouraging everyone to brings every spare rd they have so that we have loads of inventory to filter through!

Thanks all,

Bump to the top.

I will be there and hope for a good turn out.

Hi Jim, yes things are shaping up nicely and I have good response from some new people who haven’t been in years past. I posted about the show in several online gun forums, and also mailed a promo sheet to 20 area gun shops within 100 miles of the location. The 2600+ member “Vintage Antique Ammo Collectors” group on Facebook has also yielded positive responses.


Response has been excellent, and the best part is being in the primary range building where they will have dozens & dozens of walk-throughs.

I will send you something neat via express carrier to show/sell their. Time to get on it and get it shipped. Blessings and fun to all!
Robertt Ellis

No worries Robert, the show is tomorrow, and I wont be at my usual address tomorrow to receive anything for an overnight. The place for me to bring anything would be the much much bigger St Louis show around Easter, so there’s plenty of time for that. Thanks again.

A big THANK YOU to Matt and to the Management of the Manchester Firing Line as well as to all those that came and brought STUFF and Money to make the show Saturday a success. Matt got the chance to use those tables that he has been carting to these shows for several years. I trust that all who came enjoyed themselves and found some treasures. Thanks Again Matt for all your hard work and planning etc.

I really enjoyed it. It is getting bigger every year! Pretty soon it will become a multi day event!

Thanks for everything Matt!!!

It was great little show, with several new faces. The initial confusion of the staff was alleviated by us having just enough space, and just enough tables (I used all 8 extras that I brought) to get everybody set up. It was their ammo storage area directly adjacent to, and open to the lobby area of the range, where they must have around 200 military rifles, SMG’s and machine guns on the wall available for rent. Several shooters from the range walked through, and most promising was a good number of youth collectors who came with their fathers. At least a couple IAA membership sign-up forms were taken as well.

Many thanks to range owner Jim McLoud for making the space available again!

Those attending the show were: Myself, Dave Kuchta, Hal Fergusson, Dave Call, Dave Towne, Ron Goddard, Henry Hurley & wife, Raymond Houle & sons, Dale Burrell & wife, Vic Engel, Dick Fraser, Bob Reichenbach, Pete Noyes, Pete DeRose, Teak Cavis, Dave LeVesque, Dick Littlefield, Stevn Dahl, Robert Krauss, Jim Goldthwaite, Scott Marston & son. I likely forgot a few, didn;t recognize a few, and there were also several range shooters who wandered through.

It was sort of fun to do a show in a room with a few hundred-thousand rds of ammo next to us - all Fiocchi, all FMJ shooting ammo:

Around a hundred-thousand fired cases in a pallet-sized bin, destined for scrap apparently (mostly Tula, Blazer, and Fiocchi):

Very cool. -Ger