Cartridge show in New Hampshire 2012

Looking ahead to late September 29th or 30th, or later in October 13th or 14th, I wanted to give an update about the second year of having a cartridge show in southern New Hampshire. Last year the Manchester Firing Line was our gracious host and it was a neat little show.

This year the Firing Line is opening their new store called the Shooters Outpost in Hookset NH
( ) and we (Dave Kuchta & I) are arranging to have the cartridge show here this time around in late Sep / early Oct. The store is sort of a smaller Kittery Trading Post if you are familiar with that store, and there is a lower level with a large show floor dedicated to doing classes, courses, and hunter’s safety, etc… This is the space where the show will be at and it is all open and viewable by all the shoppers in the store which there should be hundreds of this fall for several reasons.

The owner says that business has been booming and that he has loads of inventory ready to go for the much anticipated retail location. They had previously been selling upwards of 20 guns a day at their shooting range location in Manchester, and this store will be a much larger outfit which should offer hundreds of built-in “walk-ins” with obvious gun/ammo interest for a cartridge show. The store is not open yet, but he expects for late August and I will keep all those interested up to date in this thread and eventually send out an email with a firm date to all New England area IAA members ASAP.