Cartridge show in New Hampshire - September

The cartridge show in New Hampshire is coming back this September, in a new location. Original info I received is below:

New Hampshire cartridge show with reloading tools and some militaria in Concord, New Hampshire at the Becktash Shriner’s Hall, 189 Pembroke Road on Saturday, Sept 14. There will be set up time on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, doors open at 9am and the show will end at 4pm. Tables are $40 and admission is $5. We are advertising in the local papers and The Hawkeye (a local sportsman’s paper) as well as the IAA Journal. For more info or tables please contact Scott Marston at

If you have any area gun shows try to get flyers out. That seems to be our biggest “walk-in” draw.

This, and leaving some flyers at area gun shops for the regulars to see.

If this show still on? Did not see any other ad , accept this one.

Yes, show is still on In Concord, NH - this Saturday at 9:00am

Thanks Matt, see you there

Holy cartridge show!!! This new venue in NH turned out well. The NH Arms Collectors group has turned out well, and a couple dozen walk-ins at open aside from all the 70 tables here!

I was very pleasantly surprised today! Although not as cartridge dense as some of the other longer standing shows, this was a great start. There are a group of guys from NH that are dedicated to improving the show over time. What I liked the most were all the “new” junk boxes I got to dig through. I pulled out some real gems for great prices. Overall, I took home about the same amount of loot as I would at a show like Williamsport. Sales were decent too. Several younger guys just getting started bought nice groups of beginner cartridges from me. It was fun to explain the different 7,92 loadings to a newbie and have him buy one of each that I had. I’ll definitely be there next year and hope to see a few more IAA members show up to strengthen the show.

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Another show to add to my list of shows to attend someday.

All were very friendly and a very good organization put it on, I joined it…
I got a few good deals on ammo boxes and bags of single cartridges.
Not a lot of single cartridges for sale or available, accept for David K., Matt and the promoter, but with a little work on that part, it could be a very good cartridge show.
Great place for a show for sure and again a great organization .