Cartridge show in NH - Feb, 23rd 2013 - PHOTOS

Fellow collectors,

Hopefully some of you are able to make the trip and will take interest in this upcoming cartridge show in Manchester NH for free tables. Some of you will remember seeing a forum post like this from Oct, 2011 or having gone to the show last fall in Manchester at the shooting range, and this is the same location with the same folks. We had held off going at the same time this year, which was October last year, due to the fact that the owner Jim has been opening a new, very large gun store in Hooksett in hopes that the cartridge show could be held in a large open space he has there. That store has finally opened as of Monday, Dec, 3rd, and Jim has told me they are so busy, and that they have so many pallets of products & ammo, that they wont be able to host the cartridge show in that new store for the foreseeable coming months. He did however offer free use of their secondary range (same place as last year) which is behind their still open large shooting range in Manchester and which has room for at least 20 tables. Jim said that we could put up easels with poster ads for the show in his new store (Shooters Outpost), which sees hundreds of customers a day, as well as an easel in the main shooting range which also sees hundreds of shooters. Those signs I would put up a few days ahead to let people know. He also offered the 2 electronic signs which could rotate a mention of the cartridge show for that day.

I am sure that there would be at least as many attendees and walk-ins as last year, and with the ads being up in the very busy locations, that it would be a decent show once again. The date is Saturday Feb 23rd - 9:00 am to close.

The property owner Jim McLoud has been great, and I am hopeful that after having another great show, and once Jim gets his store under control and into a groove that we might be able to host the cartridge show in the new store next fall, which would mean hundreds of automatic walk-ins!

This announcement has also been emailed out to 35+ IAA members in the New England area, mailers are being sent to area gun stores, VFW halls, police & sheriff’s departments, as well as around 10 IAA members who have mailing addresses but no emails.

For tables I figured I would start off with a limit of 2 per attendee, and then adjust depending on how many respond, or how many only wanted 1 table. If I remember correctly, we could have fit another 5 or 6 tables in there anyway

Here is a link showing photos of last year’s show:

Here is a link talking about his new store: … /121209584

Thanks for your interest!

Matt Collins,
Bangor, Me

Thanks for putting this together Matt. Either day is fine with me.


I’ve had enough responses from people to determine that Feb 23rd will be the day to go with. So that is Saturday, Feb 23rd, at the Manchester Firing Line’s secondary range at 50 Gay st, Manchester, NH. 9:00am will probably be the entry time, and we can go until it slows, around 5:00 or 7:00

I have heard from 8 people committing to tables, and there are still some tables available. I sent out another email today expanding the distance sent to include eastern PA, northern NJ, and Quebec. I have also sent a mailer to the gun owners of NH ( to advertise the event, and they will likely post it on their website and Facebook page.

If you have Facebook, then you might check mine tonight (Matt Collins in Bangor) and give a “like” or a share to my post about the event.


Just an update on the show to date:

I have 23 confirmations on attendees, and 17 of those are table holders. With some taking 2 tables, the tables are filled up at this point (but I bring more to squeeze as many in as needed).

The show has been promoted through 100 emails and around 50 mailed flyers to gun shops in & around southern NH, southern ME, and eastern MA. I have posted to some Facebook walls and have sent materials to GONH (gun owners of NH) and others and I am also posting show info to 25 online gun/ammo forums. Big easels with blown-up show flyers will be posted in the big gun range, and the large new gun store (same owner) in the week leading up to the show. Collectors are driving from as far away as CT, PA, and MD for the show, so don’t be shy!

Matt, try to get flyers out to any gunshows in the region also.

Here is a site with one of the best lists of gun shows around.
I bet you can even list the Ctg show there.

Will give it a try. Thanks Jon & John

The cartridge show in Manchester, NH is on tomorrow! Slight weather tomorrow amounts to only 50% chance of light snow in the evening hours, with those from the south towards CT getting rain or a rain snow mix that wont accumulate.

I have 23 confirmations and lots of promotion including flyers, emails, and recently placed posters at the big gun store in Hooksett (Shooters Outpost) and the big range in Manchester (Firing line), so I expect plenty of walk-ins hopefully. The show is free, and I have owner Jim McCloud to thank for that since he offered the space for free.

I will have my cell phone on me all day today and tomorrow (207-944-0100) and I hope to see some of you there!


Have fun!

best of luck, hope everyone goes home with some goodies & wish I could be there!

Thanks to Matt and the rest of those that worked to make this a great swapmeet / Cartridge show.

The show in Manchester yesterday was great! We had at least 30 folks come through, with around 17 collector / table holders showing up. Big thanks goes to owner Jim McCloud for allowing the site usage and opening it up for us.

Some photos:

Great photos. Thanks for posting. Wish I could have been there. Looks like a really nice show!