Cartridge show

We were thinking of going to the cartridge show in Leroy IL. is there any special paper work that I need to be able to buy ammunition in the state of IL.

Yes, I believe the only state requiring a special ammunition purchase licence. Like Canada. But then I had 5 Canadian WWI .303 Brits crossing the border with me…

I think that a “FOID” card is required for non-retail / non-dealer ammunition purchases in Illinois as much as a license to prove age, and signed “ammunition statement” to prove eligibility are required to buy ammo in other states in terms of collecting, but nobody does it. The collectors are all relatively gray and non-felonious. When in doubt, be cautious.

So does anyone know what a person from outside the state of Illinios would have to do in order to aquire a F.O.I.D. card? I live in Michigan.

The way I understand only Illinois residents may have it. But then it is like New York State law requiring a pistol permit to be shown when purchasing ONLY pistol ammo which is used EXCLUSIVELY in handguns (thus not required for 9mm, 45ACP, .22, .357, 40S&W etc), NO ONE follows it.