Cartridge stripper clip for Siamese Mauser rifles, Types 45 and 45/66

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I am sure someone out there in IAA world has an/some examples of original 8x50R/8x52R Siamese stripper clips.
We ( AVB Tech Services) would appreciate some photos, measurements, even designs of said clip, used in the “Siamese Mauser” rifles of 1902 (RS121) commonly known as Types 45,46 and 47, as well as the converted rifles (to 8x52R,of 1923) Type 45/66 and the newly made Type 66 (this latter a redesigned Arisaka).

Our purpose is to make tooling to form “Siamese” clips…they are an enlarged version of the normal “Mauser” clip, but wider to accommodate the .565" Rim of the case, and longer to accommodate the increased length of a column of Five cases, rim to rim. Being initially made in Japan, I would think they have a form similar to the Type 30/38 Arisaka clip ( Flat back, no strengthening grooves)???

Olsen’s book on Mauser rifles, shows a full clip, but no details.

The clips will be made to our usual standard of “Usable” clips, but will also replicate as a reconstruction piece for collectors as an example of this uncommon ( and rare) clip.

All our clips are stamped with our logo and date to prevent “Passing off” as originals.

Chargers currently made: Berthier M1890, 1920s version; Carcano M91 Steel M38 Version; Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87 composite (wood and tinplate—we will also make a spring steel and wood version, for regular users) and later this year, IG1888 Kommission, and in 2019, Berthier M16–No. 2 version.

DocAV (49)
AVBallistics Tech Services

Whilst not being common, these clips turn up fairly frequently here in the UK … the problem being that they’re often in very poor condition, the spings especially being very corroded. Here’s a Type 45;

The Type 66 clips are usually in better condition, not least because the corrosion problem seems to have been addressed by changing the material of the spring from steel to brass. The principle difference in construction between the two types is that the later one has a return on the retaining flange, probably to stiffen the clip somewhat;

Here’s a French drawing of the earlier type clip, I suspect that Kynoch probably supplied their ammunition clipped but I’ve never seen one of their workshop drawings;

All my clips are in storage as I shall be moving soon but I’d be very happy to run a vernier across 'em if you don’t mind waiting … what’s gone into storage stays in storage until I get somewhere permanent to put the stuff.


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