Cartridge that looks like a rivet


An unknown with out the lead bullet (tip) it looks like a rivet
Any WAG?? I have no clue!!!
Thanks Vic

Over all length 27.34 mm
Case Length 23.59 mm
Case diameter 5.16 mm no taper
Rim diameter 7.54 mm
Primer diameter 3.72 mm
Bullet diameter 3.94 mm


my WAG is that someone has / had too much time on their hands


Maybe a toy or probably not even a cartridge?


I hate to take it apart to see if it is a real cartridge
it may be one of a kind
but it has a Maynard single shot look to it anything close??

please keep guessing…


I am betting on "non-cartridge. The “rim” looks like a regular washer to me. Possibly a pivot pin or something.


Ok but why the lead tip? lead does not make a secure end it is too soft. Vic


It looks like it could be a retaining pin of sorts. One end has a washer with a lathe-turned pin peened over to hold it and the lead end is probably an easy to peen over pin end to keep the pin in its hole. JMO