Cartridge used on TYPE730 chinese CIWS


i see pictures of the chinese TYPE730 CIWS naval air defense but i cannot see well what that cartridge is used.
on my pictures the spent casing look like 30x164 soviet but the type 730 is a copy of goalkeeper 30mm ciws which use the 30x173 ammo (the main gun is a “sea” gau8a)
do you know if exist videos of the chinese type730 firing because i cannot find videos (i know videos of goalkeeper but i like see spent casing and the goalkeeper do no show these due to mechanism)
thank in advance for your responses

#2 … 30_03large

Neck length compared to case body looks a bit like a 30x210B. But this is a vague guess only.


I can confirm that the Type 730 almost certainly uses Russian 30x165 ammo, despite apparently being derived from an experimental French CIWS which used the GAU-8/A.

This information comes from a NORINCO catalogue which although listing the Type 730 ammo separately, gives it virtually identical dimensions, weights, chamber pressure and performance as the Russian ammo. NORINCO advertises APDS as well as HEI ammo for the Type 730.